Intro SO – Topics proposed by researchers ICMAT

Jose María Arrieta (ICMAT-UCM): Large time behavior of solutions of Differential Equations

Mateo Bonforte (ICMAT-UAM):

1- Introduction to Nonlinear Diffusion: Parabolic PDEs of degenerate and singular type, both in the local and nonlocal framework.
2- Entropy Methods for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations: a bridge between long time asymptotics, functional inequalities and geometry.

Florentino Borondo y Jezabel Curbelo (ICMAT-UAM): Deep learning y ecuaciones en derivadas parciales

Leonardo Colombo (ICMAT-CSIC): Simulation of dynamical systems using variational integrators

Diego Córdoba (ICMAT-CSIC): Incompressible fluids

Manuel de León (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- Hamiltonian contact systems: global properties.
2- Growth theories.

Alberto Enciso (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- Mathematical problems in fluid mechanics.
2- Eigenvalues, Schrödinger operators and inverse localization

Maria del Mar González (ICMAT-UAM):

1- The Keller-Segel system in R^2.
2- A phase field formulation of the Willmore problem

Luis Guijarro (ICMAT-UAM):

1- Hopf conjecture.
2- Subriemannian Geometry

José Antonio Jiménez (ICMAT-CSIC): Dynamical systems and applications

Fernando Lledó (ICMAT-UC3M):

1- Grupoids.
2- Operator algebras in mathematical physics

Daniel Macías Castillo (ICMAT-UAM):

1- Galois structure of Mordell-Weil groups.
2- Rubin-Stark conjecture

David Martín de Diego (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- Discrete differential Geometry.
2- Simplectic optimization and theory of Lie groups with applications in automatic learning

Daniel Peralta (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- Introduction to spectral geometry
2- Chaos constructions

Francisco Presas (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- On skies and contact.
2- Dangerous tangencies

Fernando Quirós (ICMAT-UAM): Regularity in elliptic and parabolic problems.

Aníbal Rodríguez Bernal (ICMAT-UCM):

1- Fourier Series, Fourier Transform and Partial Differential Equations
2- Dynamical complexity and dimension

Daniel Seco (ICMAT-UC3M):

1- Invariant spaces in complex analysis.
2- Cyclic functions

Pedro Tradacete (ICMAT-CSIC):

1- Positive operators and invariant subspaces.
2- Free Banach lattices and weak topologies

Ignacio Villanueva (ICMAT-UCM):

1- Valuations, intrinsic volumes and Hadwiger’s theorem
2- Convolutional neural networks applied to eolic energy prediction from meteorological data