List Seminars

Yago Antolín (ICMAT-UCM)

List of Group Theory Seminar by year:

On surjectivity of word maps on PSL(2,C)

Speaker:   Jonathan Sánchez
Date:  Tuesday, 27 April 2021 - 11:30
Place:  Online -


Past Group Theory Seminar 2021

Extensions of Higman--Thompson groups by stable mapping class groups

Speaker:  Javier Aramayona
Date:  Tuesday, 06 April - 10:30
Place:  Online -

Compactificaciones y resolución de ecuaciones en conjuntos

Speaker:  Daniel Palacin
Date:  Tuesday, 16 March - 10:30
Place:  Online -

On the stabilisers of groups with micro-supported actions

Speaker:  Francoeur Dominik
Date:  Tuesday, 02 March - 11:30
Place:  Online -

Subgrupos parabólicos de grupos de Artin grandes

Speaker:  María Cumplido
Date:  Wednesday, 27 January - 11:30
Place:  Online -