List Seminars

Benjamin Bode (ICMAT-CSIC), Mario García Fernández (ICMAT-UAM), Oscar García-Prada (ICMAT-CSIC), Ángel Gonzalez Prieto (ICMAT-UCM) & Daniel Peralta (ICMAT-CSIC)

List of Geometry Seminar by year:


Past Geometry Seminar 2022

How Lagrangian states evolve into random waves

Speaker:  Maxime Ingremeau
Date:  Thursday, 15 September - 11:30
Place:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT

Hirzebruch surfaces in a one-parameter family

Speaker:  Fiammetta Battaglia
Date:  Friday, 24 June - 11:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

The moduli stack of principal ρ-sheaves and Gieseker-Harder-Narasimhan filtrations

Speaker:  Alfonso Zamora
Date:  Wednesday, 01 June - 15:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Chaos and universality in the Euler equation on high-dimensional manifolds

Speaker:  Francisco Torres de Lizaur
Date:  Friday, 27 May - 12:00
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Effective constructions in algebraic topology

Speaker:  Aníbal Medina
Date:  Wednesday, 25 May - 12:30
Place:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT

Critical points of electrically charged knots

Speaker:  Max Lipton
Date:  Wednesday, 11 May - 16:00
Online: (ID: 840 5650 2364; Pass: 283033)

On ALF gravitational instantons

Speaker:  Olivier Biquard
Date:  Wednesday, 04 May - 11:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

On the multiplicative Hitchin fibration

Speaker:  Ngô Bảo Châu
Date:  Wednesday, 27 April - 11:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Multiplicity algebras

Speaker:  Nigel Hitchin
Date:  Wednesday, 02 March - 11:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Algorithmic aspects in the description of typical asymptotic behaviors in dynamical systems

Speaker:   Cristóbal Rojas
Date:  Wednesday, 12 January - 16:00