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Mario García Fernández (ICMAT-UAM)

List of Geometry Seminar by year:


Past Geometry Seminar 2021

Moduli of sheaves via affine Grassmannians

Speaker:  Andrés Fernández Herrero
Date:  Wednesday, 09 June - 11:00
Place:  Online -

Non-abelian Hodge theory and complex Chern-Simons line bundle

Speaker:  Gerard Freixas
Date:  Wednesday, 26 May - 14:00
Place:  Online -

Computability, noncomputability, and dynamical systems

Speaker:  Daniel S. Graça
Date:  Wednesday, 19 May - 12:00
Place:  Online -

Stability conditions in families

Speaker:  Martí Lahoz
Date:  Wednesday, 12 May - 14:00
Place:  Online -

Superconformal vertex algebras from Killing spinors

Speaker:  Andoni De Arriba De La Hera
Date:  Wednesday, 28 April - 14:00
Place:  Online -

Nonabelian mirrors and Gromov-Witten theory

Speaker:  Wei Gu
Date:  Wednesday, 14 April - 14:00
Place:   Online -

Mirror symmetry for Langlands dual Higgs bundles at the tip of the nilpotent cone

Speaker:  Tamas Hausel
Date:  Wednesday, 31 March - 15:00
Place:  Online -

A Smale-Barden manifold admitting K-contact but not Sasakian structure

Speaker:  Vicente Muñoz
Date:  Wednesday, 17 March - 15:00
Place:  Online -

Stable knots and links in electromagnetic fields

Speaker:  Benjamin Bode
Date:  Wednesday, 03 March - 15:00
Place:  Online -

Interference phenomena in parabolic character varieties

Speaker:  Ángel González-Prieto
Date:  Wednesday, 17 February - 15:00
Place:  Online -

Contactomorphisms of tight contact 3-manifolds

Speaker:   Eduardo Fernández
Date:  Wednesday, 03 February - 15:00
Place:  Online -

Hyperbolic motions of the N-body problem with arbitrary limit shape

Speaker:  Ezequiel Maderna
Date:  Wednesday, 27 January - 16:00
Place:  Online -

The classification problem for (4,6)-bracket-generating structures

Speaker:  Javier Martínez-Aguinaga
Date:  Wednesday, 13 January - 16:00