List Seminars

A. Castro (ICMAT-CSIC), F. Gancedo (US-IMUS), R. Granero (UC), F. Quirós (ICMAT-UAM)

List of Analysis and PDEs Seminar by year:


Past Analysis and PDEs Seminar 2021

Grassmannian reduction of Cucker-Smale systems and dynamical opinion games

Speaker:  Daniel Lear
Date:  Wednesday, 30 June - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Microlocal analysis of singular measures

Speaker:   Valeria Banica
Date:  Wednesday, 16 June - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Homoenergetic solutions of the Boltzmann equation

Speaker:  Juan J. L. Velázquez
Date:  Wednesday, 02 June - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi equations and their singularities

Speaker:  Philippe Souplet
Date:  Wednesday, 19 May - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

The one-phase fractional Stefan problem

Speaker:  Jørgen Endal
Date:  Wednesday, 05 May - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Hardy inequalities for the Landau equation

Speaker:  Maria Gualdani
Date:  Wednesday, 21 April - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Multiscale decomposition of functions in Metric Random Walk Spaces

Speaker:  José M. Mazón
Date:  Wednesday, 14 April - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

The total variation flow in metric random walkspaces -- POSTPONED

Speaker:  José M. Mazón
Date:  Wednesday, 07 April - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

On the stability of a point charge for the Vlasov-Poisson system

Speaker:  Klaus Widmayer
Date:  Wednesday, 24 March - 15:00
Place:   Online - Info:

Convexity and quasiconvexity and their associated equations

Speaker:  Julio Rossi
Date:  Wednesday, 10 March - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Free boundary problems as Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations

Speaker:  Néstor Guillén
Date:  Wednesday, 03 March - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Free boundary problems as Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations CANCELLED

Speaker:  Néstor Guillén
Date:  Wednesday, 24 February - 15:00
Place:  Online - Info:

Applying kinetic theory to the study of collective dynamics

Speaker:  Sara Merino-Aceituno
Date:  Wednesday, 10 February - 15:00
Place:   Info:

Solutions of the Euler equation with concentrated vorticity

Speaker:  Juan Dávila
Date:  Wednesday, 27 January - 15:30
Place:  Online - Info:

Some mathematical aspects of 2D stably stratified fluids

Date:  Wednesday, 13 January - 15:00