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Manuel de León (ICMAT-CSIC)
Juan Carlos Marrero (IMAULL)
David Martín De Diego (ICMAT-CSIC)

List of Geometry, Mechanics and Control Seminar by year:


Past Geometry, Mechanics and Control Seminar 2023

The inverse problem of variational calculus and machine learning

Speaker:  Christian Offen
Date:  Friday, 03 November - 12:30
Place:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT

About Poisson integrators from local symplectic groupoids

Speaker:  Alejandro Cabrera
Date:  Friday, 15 September - 15:30
Place:  Aula Gris 1, ICMAT

A new take on Strang splitting // Orthogonal systems with Dirichlet boundary conditions

Speaker:  Karolina Kropielnicka (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland) // Arieh Iserles (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, UL)
Date:  Friday, 28 April - 10:30-11:30 // 12:00-13:00
Place:  Aula Roja, IFT

Symplectic Groupoids for Poisson Integrators

Speaker:  Oscar Cosserat
Date:  Friday, 10 March - 15:30

Symplectic realizations, local groupoids and discretization

Speaker:  Alejandro Cabrera
Date:  Friday, 17 February - 17:00

Measuring and enhancing network resilience; performance metrics and defense Strategies

Speaker:  Sonia Martínez
Date:  Thursday, 02 February - 17:00

Redes neuronales en mecánica

Speaker:  Viviana Díaz
Date:  Thursday, 26 January - 12:00
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT