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Félix del Teso (UAM)
Salvador López Martínez (UAM-ICMAT)
Tomás Sanz Perela (UAM-ICMAT)

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Past UAM-ICMAT EDP Seminar 2023

Conformal metrics with prescribed curvatures

Speaker:  Angela Pistoia
Date:  Wednesday, 24 May - 12:00
Place:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT

Large time behavior of nonlocal diffusion equations in R^N // Multiplicity of ground state solutions for a semilinear equation

Speaker:  Noemí Wolanski (U. Buenos Aires) // Carmen Cortázar (PUC, Chile)
Date:  Friday, 05 May - 13:00
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Variational analysis of integral functionals involving nonlocal gradients on bounded domains

Speaker:  Hidde Schönberger
Date:  Friday, 17 March - 11:00
Place:   Aula 520, Módulo 17, Facultad de Ciencias, UAM

Nonlocal Liouville type equations in a union of intervals and in the real line

Speaker:   12:15 Matteo Cozzi
Date:  Friday, 17 March - 12:15
Place:   Aula 520, Módulo 17, Facultad de Ciencias, UAM

Nonlocal models of cell-cell adhesion and their Cahn-Hilliard approximation

Speaker:  Carles Falcó
Date:  Thursday, 16 March - 12:30
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

Inequalities and asymptotics for polyharmonic eigenvalues

Speaker:  Davide Buoso
Date:  Thursday, 16 March - 13:15
Place:  Aula Naranja, ICMAT

On the homogenization of the linear Boltzmann equation // The first eigenvalue of fractional Laplacian for planar sets with topological constraints // The cubic Schrödinger and Sine-Gordon regimes of the anisotropic Landau-Lifshitz equation

Speaker:  Francesco Salvarani, De Vinci Research Center & Universitàdegli Studi di Pavial // Francesca Bianchi, University of Parma // André de Laire, Université de Lille - Inria
Date:  Wednesday, 22 February - 10:30
Place:  Aula Azul, ICMAT

Concentrating solutions for the magnetic Ginzburg--Landau equations // Concentration compactness principle for magnetic fractional Sobolev spaces and applications to critical problems

Speaker:  Marco Badran, University of Bath // Pablo Ochoa, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo-CONICET
Date:  Friday, 20 January - 12:30
Place:  Aula 520, Módulo 17, Departamento de Matemáticas, UAM