AXA Chair

The AXA Group Research Fund has set up a Permanent Chair in Adversary Risk Analysis at the ICMAT (Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas), headed by David Ríos. Ríos is a member of the ICMAT and has received one of the two Permanent Chairs awarded to Spain, with an endowment of 1.1 million euros.

The AXA ICMAT-CSIC Chair will study problems in which an individual or an organization is faced with threats that may incur a negative or even disastrous impact, and in which some of these threats present an intelligent or adaptive behaviour.

The developments achieved thanks to the assistance provided by the AXA Research Fund can be applied to problems such as the protection of critical infrastructures against terrorist attacks; the preparation of an auction bid against other potential buyers, and the protection of a company’s information systems against cyber attacks. In general, any situation in which there are one or more adversaries who can observe us and learn how we react, and adapt themselves to increase the damage they may cause.

Most approaches so far have studied the standard risk analysis problems without taking intent into account, but terrorists are not like hurricanes; it is necessary to consider their objectives and their ability to modify their strategy in order to achieve them.


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