Reservation of ICMAT-IFT Classroom

The current reservations, and available hours and days.

Rooms Instructions & Capacity.


   Aula Gris 1    Sala Azul
   Aula Gris 2    Sala Naranja
   Aula de Audiovisuales    Sala Roja
   Cafetería    Salón de Actos

ZOOM Rooms:

Caption Zoom ICMAT:
Zoom CasaMayor ICMAT Zoom Mirzakhani ICMAT
Zoom Kovalevskaya ICMAT Zoom Uhlenbeck ICMAT
Caption Zoom IFT:
Zoom 1 SEMINARIOS IFT Zoom 2 PhD y MSc courses IFT
Zoom 3 Journal clubs IFT Zoom 4 Informal meetings IFT