Mathematical Culture Unit

From its very beginnings the ICMAT has had a Mathematical Culture Unit consisting of researchers, scientific journalists and disseminators who collaborate jointly to set up channels of communication between science and society. The Mathematical Culture Unit Works together with the CSIC Science and Culture Vice-presidency, the UAM Scientific Culture Unit, the IES Beatriz Galindo, the Ramiro de Maeztu, the Real Academia de Ciencias, the FECyT and Cosmocaixa to carry out this type of activity.

The ICMAT Mathematical Culture Unit is an officially recognized member of the Scientific and Innovation Culture Units Network, coordinated by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.


Scientific Directors

David Martín de Diego
+34 91 299 97 91

Javier Aramayona
+34 91 299 97 64


Ágata A. Timón García-Longoria
+34 91 299 97 00

Laura Moreno Iraola
+34 91 299 97 00