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Jose M. Arrieta

Institution: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Position: Catedrático. Departamento Matemática Aplicada

E-mail: jm.arrieta()

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Biographical Review

He is a Full Professor at the Applied Mathematics Department in Complutense University. His research interests are in Partial Differential Equations, Infinite Dimensional Dynamics and its asymptotic behavior under perturbations. The study of the asymptotic dynamics of evolutionary equations and how it behaves when a perturbation occurs in the system has been a constant in his research. He is also interested in homogenization theory, specially in thin domains and structures with highly oscillatory behavior.

He has authored and co-authored more than 50 papers that have appeared in journals like: Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Journal of Differential Equations, Communications in PDE's and so forth. Since January 2012 he is Editor-in-Chief of Revista Matemática Complutense ( )