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Francisco Presas

Institution: CSIC

Position: Científico Titular

Office: 209

Phone: +34 912999 749


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Biographical Review

Francisco Presas is a Permanent Researcher at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas – ICMAT (Institute for Mathematical Research). His current research interests lie in differential geometry, in particular symplectic and contact topology.

He has published around 25 research articles, in Journals such as Journal of Differential Geometry, Geometry and Topology, Krelle, Annals of Mathematics, etc. He has published papers in algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, contact topology, geometric quantization, etc. He is a well-known expert in the use of "approximately holomorphic techniques" in contact and symplectic topology. He has quite recently provided a number of results about flexibility in contact and Engel topology, contributing to create and develop that field.

Francisco Presas obtained his Ph. D. thesis in Mathematics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2000. He has held full-time academic positions at Stanford University (post-doc visitor), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Ramón y Cajal position) and ICMAT

Research Interests

He has worked in High Dimensional Contact Topology. His main interests are related with the use of geometric decompositions of contact manifolds, using them he has provided examples of non-fillable contact structures in dimension higher than 3. His research interests also include the use of approximately holomorphic techniques in Contact and Symplectic Topology, the study of Geometric Quantization, the general theory of foliations and the classification of Engel structures.