ICMAT Newsletter – Seventeenth Number

The ICMAT Newsletter #17 corresponds to the second semester 2018.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: “Challenges of Mathematical Biology”.
  2. Interview: José Antonio Carrillo (Imperial College de Londres): “For mathematics, biology is now what physics was in the early 19th century, an inexhaustible source of interesting problems”.
  3. Report: From cursed to coveted: “In recent years, mathematics has become one of the favourite subjects of university students”.
  4. Article: “The mathematics of the immune system”
  5. ICMAT Questionnaire: Benoit Perthame (Sorbonne University): “Modelling explain the observations made by biologists”
  6. Tell me about your thesis: Beatriz Pascual Escudero.
  7. She Does Maths: Rosana Rodríguez López (University of Santiago de Compostela).
  8. Scientific review: "Long term dynamics for the restricted N -body problem with mean motion resonances and crossing singularities".
  9. Scientific review: “Brauer correspondent blocks with one simple module”.
  10. Profile: David Alfaya (ICMAT).
  11. Mathematics today: ICMAT News.
    • Diego Córdoba awarded a grant of 1.8 million euros for the study of equations in fluid dynamics.
    • The first national outreach network for mathematics is launched.
    • Design of a new fail-safe cryptographic method for quantum computers.
    • Carolina Vallejo, postdoctoral researcher at the ICMAT, and Álvaro del Pino, former PhD student at the Institute, each awarded a 2018 Vicent Caselles Prize by the RSME and the BBVA Foundation.
    • Former ICMAT doctoral student and current collaborator, Javier Gómez, receives the SeMA “Antonio Valle” Prize for young researchers.
    • A mathematical method enables an underwater drone to reach unprecedented speeds.
    • Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón in Mathematics at the Residencia.
    • Mathematics enables the prediction of new properties of grapheme.
    • The outreach series “It’s a risky life!” draws to an end.
    • Thematic trimester: “L²-invariants and their analogues in positive characteristic”.
    • Thematic trimester: “Real harmonic analysis and its applications to partial differential equations and geometric measure theory”.
  12. Agenda.