Explora Ciencia Projects

This program of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness seeks the exploration of heterodox and radically innovative ideas.

They are basic or technological research projects that propose new approaches or methodologies and with a marked transversal character. These investigations involve a reevaluation of established paradigms in search of new concepts or solutions and groundbreaking applications in different scientific disciplines.

Projects led by ICMAT researchers:

  • JUDIES: Stochastic Differential Games: Breaking Fifty Years of the Paradigm | more info |

    Principal Investigator: Antonio Gómez-Corral

    Abstract: Differential games provide very powerful models and methods for important problems in biology, security and business, among others. However, their solution relies on very strong common knowledge assumptions, and their stochastic version relies on assuming that the corresponding processes are known. This project develops concepts and models that should allow one to overcome current approaches to stochastic differential games by providing a new paradigm for stochastic differential games.


  • TOPE: Engel Topology | more info |

    Principal Investigator: Francisco Presas Mata

    Abstract: This project aims to set up the foundations for the global study of Engel structures. It was started by the fruitful interaction of classical differential geometry techniques with the Gromov’s h–principle. The theory has been very much related to the study of families of convex curves in the round 2-sphere.

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