Mathematical Analysis

Mathematical Analysis is a very active field of research that places itself in a fundamental position within the mathematical sciences. Mathematical Analysis has many different branches and turns out to be fundamental in the understanding of several problems in the fields of harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, geometric group theory, functional analysis, geometric measure theory, operator algebra, differential geometry and probability.

The institute has several researchers working in this line in a wide spectrum of subjects. Among them we emphasize the researchers working in Harmonic Analysis. This group is very active and has a wide international recognition, with three ERC projects in different aspects of harmonic analysis. Many other branches of analysis are also well-represented in our group, as it becomes clear from the main research goals below.




Postgraduate Students:

Master Students:

  • Francisco Unai Caja
  • Álvaro Carballeira
  • Jesús Illescas
  • Laura Sáenz
  • Sofía Sirón