Group A: Algebra and Geometry

The group conducts research in a broad variety of topics, in the areas of abstract algebra (group theory, commutative algebra), algebraic geometry (arithmetic geometry, number theory, moduli spaces of bundles), differential geometry (geometric analysis, geometric mechanics, dynamical systems and the geometry of PDEs) and topology (topological fluid dynamics, symplectic and contact topology, low-dimensional topology).

As such, our research is naturally interdisciplinary, fostering an important level of cross-fertilization between the different areas. In addition, a number of the themes we study find their motivation in ideas stemming from physics, such as special metrics, gauge theories and their algebro-geometric counterparts.

The main research lines may be grouped into the following four general directions:

  • Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics: The research of this line is devoted to the study of moduli spaces of vector bundles and related objects, and their interplay with various algebraic and geometric structures, involving techniques from algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology, Lie theory, geometric analysis and theoretical physics.
  • Differential Geometry, Symplectic Geometry and Geometric Mechanics: The research of this line centers on differential and contact topology, differential and riemannian geometry, geometric mechanics with applications to control theory, dynamical systems and the geometry of PDEs.
  • Group Theory: This line includes several areas of group theory with applications to other fields, such as ring theory, topology, dynamics, and logic. Connecting threads of this line are the approximation of infinite groups by finite structures, and the study of groups through their actions on non-positively curved spaces.
  • Arithmetic Geometry: The research in this line is devoted to problems at the core of arithmetic geometry, like the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture or the development of Arakelov geometry, as well as its interplay with related fields like complex and non-Archimedean analysis, algebraic geometry and even theoretical physics.




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  • Enrique Aycart
  • Rubén Izquierdo
  • Claudia Muñoz
  • Pablo Soto

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