ICMAT Newsletter – Twenty second Number

The ICMAT Newsletter #22 corresponds to the second semester 2021.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: “Consequences that exceed the initial intention”, Alberto Enciso (ICMAT-CSIC).
  2. Report: “Science seeks women researchers”
  3. Interview: Eva Miranda (UPC-CRM). “I’d bet on Terence Tao resolving the Navier-Stokes conjecture”
  4. ICMAT Questionnaire: Anthony Carbery (U. Edinburgh).
  5. Tell me about your thesis: Francisco Mengual.
  6. Tell me about your thesis: Patricia Contreras Tejada.
  7. She Does Maths: Tatiana Toro (U. Washington)
  8. Profile: Alba Dolores García Ruiz (ICMAT-CSIC). ““I’m learning to apply mathematics to real-world problems”
  9. Profile: Leo Margolis (ICMAT-CSIC). “I want to explore new problems and enjoy mathematics”
  10. Scientific reviews:
    1. Constructing Turing complete Euler flows in dimension
    2. Mixing solutions for the Muskat problem
  11. News
  12. Calendar