Severo Ochoa Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will meet on a regular basis. The current members of the Committee for the period January 2020 to December 2022 are:

  • Alejandra Garrido (UAM)
  • Carlos Palazuelos (UCM)
  • Ignacio Villanueva (UCM)
  • Daniel Faraco (UAM)
  • Mateo Bonforte (UAM)
  • Ana Primo (UAM)
  • Daniel Peralta (CSIC)
  • Javier Parcet (presidente del Comité) (CSIC)
  • Diego Córdoba (IP Severo Ochoa) (CSIC)

During the period January 2018 to December 2019 the members of the Executive Committee were:

  • Orlando Villamayor (UAM)
  • Diego Córdoba (IP Severo Ochoa) (CSIC)
  • Alberto Enciso (CSIC)
  • José María Arrieta (UCM)
  • Alberto Ruiz (UAM)
  • Andrei Jaikin (Presidente del comité) (UAM)
  • Pedro Tradacete (UC3M)
  • Keith Rogers (CSIC)
  • Eva Gallardo (UCM)

Previously, during the period January 2016 to December 2017, the Executive Committee was composed of the following researchers:

  • Javier Cilleruelo / Orlando Villamayor (UAM)
  • Diego Córdoba (IP Severo Ochoa) (CSIC)
  • Alberto Enciso (CSIC)
  • David Gómez-Ullate (UCM)
  • Luis Guijarro (UAM)
  • Andrei Jaikin (Presidente del comité) (UAM)
  • Fernando Lledó (UC3M)
  • José María Martell (CSIC)
  • David Pérez (UCM)

The main functions of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • To run the Research Program in co-ordination with the Human Resource Plan.
  • To monitor continuously the research developments in order to correct any deficiency that may arise.
  • To co-ordinate the measures of the Severo Ochoa Program with the ICMAT Strategic Plan.
  • To appoint ad-hoc commissions for the development of the program.