Filippo Bracci

Filippo Bracci

Filippo Bracci (1973, Firenze, Italy) is Full Professor in Geometry at Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”, since 1 January 2007. He has finished his Degree in Mathematics at Università di Firenze, with a first-class honor. He has done his PhD student in Mathematics at Universit`a degli Studi di Padova (November 1996-October 2000), with the supervision of Prof. G. Gentili.

After that, he has been tenured assistant professor in Geometry at Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” (1999-2004), and associate Professor in Geometry, at Universit`a di Roma “Tor Ver-gata” (2004—2006).

Research field

Complex analysis, operator theory, complex geometry. Concretely, geometric function theory: applications to operator theory.

Research project

Complex analysis and Geometric Function Theory are classical research areas but basic questions you can ask about linear bounded operators on Hilbert spaces link with classical results from analytic-function theory. This process invests old theorems with new meanings, and bestows upon functional analysis an intriguing class of concrete linear operators.