Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics

The research of Group 4 is devoted to the study of moduli spaces and their relation with various geometric structures. This study involves algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology, and theoretical physics.

The group collaborates with other researcher groups in China, France, India, Germany, Portugal, Spain, UK, US, etc. Important assets in the activities of the group are the Donaldson-Hitchin Laboratory and the i-Link Collaboration. The Laboratory fosters interaction and collaboration between Professor Donaldson and his groups at Imperial College London and Stony Brook, Professor Hitchin and his group at the University of Oxford, and the research group at ICMAT. The i-Link Collaboration supports the exchange of researchers between the ICMAT, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Tsinghua.

In the Fall semester of 2018 the group will organize a Research Programme on Moduli Spaces, devoted to the theory of moduli spaces and their relationship to mathematical physics.




Postgraduate Students:

Master Students:

  • Claudia Muñoz