Mathematics at the Residencia

Mathematics at the Residencia consists of a series of talks by internationally renowned speakers on the public understanding of mathematics. It is organized by the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) in collaboration with the CSIC Vice-presidency of Organization and Scientific Culture and the Residencia de Estudiantes.

Since the program was set up in 2009, outstanding speakers on the public understanding of mathematics such as Marcus du Sautoy, J.M. Sanz-Serna, Pierre Cartier, Guillermo Martínez, Edward Frenkel, Christiane Rousseau, Antonio Durán, John Allen Paulos, Martin Grötschel, Jin Akiyama, Francisco Martín and Sylvia Nasar have all delivered talks. Two such events are usually held every year.

Comming activities:

Matemáticas y magia en Matemáticas en la Residencia: Remezclados

Speakers: Nelo Maestre y Carlos Vinuesa
Place: Residencia de Estudiantes (Calle de Pinar, 21-23 28006 Madrid)
Date: Miércoles 15 de noviembre, 19:00.


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