The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Launches its Newsletter

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Launches its Newsletter

·         With this publication, the Institute, distinguished as a center of excellence with the Severo Ochoa accreditation, will report on the top class research activities it conducts.

·         It will be issued every trimester in a PDF format, with an only occasional printed version.

·         This first issue includes interviews with ICMAT director, Manuel de León, and with former Clay Institute director, David Elwood, as well as articles on the mathematics underlying the movement of the planets and ocean currents, and also news items on the latest developments in mathematics.

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Madrid, 8th March.- The Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) is bringing out the first issue of a news bulletin with the aim of providing the scientific community, and all those interested in the advances in the mathematical discipline, with information about the research activity of excellence conducted at the center. This newsletter will also contain items on the dissemination of mathematics for the public at large.

The bulletin aims to reflect in the broadest sense the ICMAT activities at this center of excellence for mathematical research. It will address subjects of interest concerning current mathematical research, the scientific activities of the center and profiles of some of the leading members of the scientific community.

This first issue includes interviews with the director of the Institute, Manuel de León, and with David Elwood, former scientific director of the Clay Institute, first private operating foundation devoted to mathematical research. In addition, two reports explore the mathematics describing the movement of the planets, heartbeats, and ocean currents; ICMAT researchers speak about the Thematic Year of Harmonic Analysis celebrated at the center, and finally, the latest news in mathematics highlights the celebration of the Mathematics of Planet Earth and the International Year of Statistics, as well as the awarding of the fifth Starting Grant to researchers belonging to the Institute.

The Internationalization of Spanish Mathematics

Since its inception, ICMAT’s ambition has been to achieve international excellence in mathematical research, proof of which was its award of the Severo Ochoa accreditation in 2011 (the first year for the call), by which the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness distinguishes the best Spanish research centers with special funding conditions.

Thanks to this program, the ICMAT has been able to launch this news bulletin, which is addressed to an extensive list of international research and training centers, as well as to all the individual members of the public, mainstream media, companies and institutions who wish to receive it. The launching of this newsletter is in line with the ICMAT’s aim of internationalization, so it will be available in both English and Spanish.

The project is also undertaken in response to ICMAT’s commitment to the dissemination of mathematics, so the most topical current issues in research, the latest developments in the mathematical community, the schedule of coming activities and extensive interviews with leading figures in mathematics who visit the center will all receive coverage.

Furthermore, the newsletter will also report on the work carried out by researchers at the institute, providing space for the scientists themselves to explain their activities, results and subjects of interest for their colleagues without the restrictions or simplifications customary in the mainstream media.

The authors of these articles will be Institute researchers themselves or other mathematicians who collaborate with the ICMAT, as well as a special team devoted to the communicaton of mathematics.

The bulletin is aimed at a heterogeneous readership: members of the national and international mathematical community, other scientists with an interest in mathematics, students of this discipline and scientific journalists, while in general anyone who wishes may have access to it.

Bearing in mind the international scope envisaged for this project, a digital format has been chosen for its distribution as a PDF document, although a printed copy will be made available in special cases.


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