ICMAT Newsletter – Third Number

This third issue is devoted to the ‘ICMAT Laboratories’ program, and it includes a report of this research activity at ICMAT , including interviews with Charles Fefferman (Princeton University, Fields Medal 1976) and Viktor Ginzburg, two of the directors of the Laboratories. Along with the news, agenda and editorial sections, it includes two new sections: ‘Scientifc report’, in which selected papers written by ICMAT researchers are presented to a general audience, and ‘Personalities’, showcasing  profiles of the young researchers at ICMAT.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial. 10th biennial AIMS (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences) Conference.
  2. Report: “ICMAT Laboratories: Capturing Brains”.
  3. Interview with Charles Fefferman, researcher at Princeton University: “When I’m stuck with a problem, I think ‘Well, after all I won the Fields Medal’”.
  4. Personalities: Profile of Javier Gómez-Serrano, ICMAT researcher.
  5. Self-portrait: Viktor Ginzburg, researcher University of California at Santa Cruz (USA).
  6. Scientific review: Diferentation of integrals in higher dimensions.
  7. ICMAT News.
  8. Agenda.