ICMAT Newsletter – Twenty third Number

The ICMAT Newsletter #23 corresponds to the year 2022.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: José María Martell (CSIC)
  2. Report: “Geometry for analyzing the impact of quantum gravity on particle physics”
  3. Interview: Eva Gallardo, president of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society
  4. Tell me about your thesis: Alexandre Anahory Simoes (ICMAT-CSIC)
  5. She Does Maths: Sara Abdelsalam (British University in Egypt)
  6. Profile: Enrique García Sánchez, predoctoral researcher at ICMAT
  7. Scientific review: Entanglebility of Cones
  8. Scientific Review: Matrix product states and projected entangled pair states: concepts, symmetries, and theorems
  9. ICMAT News
  10. Calendar