ICMAT Newsletter – Sixteenth Number

The ICMAT Newsletter #16 corresponds to the first quarter 2018.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: Ten years of the ICMAT.
  2. Report: “Eight lines, nine groups and ten years”.
  3. Interview: Yakov Sinai (University of Princeton): "Many people believe that Chaos Theory should be connected with turbulence, but I’m not so sure".
  4. Report: Fifth anniversary of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.
  5. Interview: Mario Livio: "Art and science are complementary responses to the universe".
  6. She Does Maths: Patricia Contreras (UCM-ICMAT).
  7. Interview: Victoria Ley: "In the eyes of those who govern us, science does not have the status it deserves as a driver of socio-economic development in Spain".
  8. Scientific Review: "Models for predicting traffic".
  9. Scientific Review: "Gravitating Vortices, Cosmic Strings, and the Kahler-Yang-Mills Equations".
  10. Portrait: Simón Rodríguez (CSIC-ICMAT).
  11. ICMAT Questionnaire: Liz Mansfield (Kent University, UK) y Peter Clarkson (Kent University, UK).
  12. Tell me about your thesis: Tania Pernas (ICMAT-UAM).
  13. Mathematics today.
  14. Agenda.