ICMAT Newsletter – Fifteenth Number

The ICMAT Newsletter #15 corresponds to the second quarter 2017.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: Impressions from the ERCOM meeting.
  2. Interview: Leonid Polterovich, researcher at the University of Tel Aviv and an ERC Advanced Grant holder: “I used to do mathematics under my desk during office hours”.
  3. Report: “On the 10th anniversary of the ERC, the ICMAT leads the field in the number of grants obtained for mathematics in Europe”.
  4. Interview: José Manuel Fernández Labastida, director of the European Research Council (ERC) Scientific Department: “The success of the ICMAT in the ERC programmes is extraordinary”.
  5. She Does Maths Nastasia Grubic (ICMAT).
  6. ICMAT Questionnaire: Mikhail Sodin, an ERC Advanced Grant researcher at the University of Tel Aviv (Israel): “I was never able to solve a single problem in mathematical competitions”.
  7. Portrait: Francisco Torres de Lizaur (ICMAT): “Mathematics gives expression to the sciences”.
  8. Scientific Review: “A new approach to the KAM theories”.
  9. Scientific Review: “The existence of Engel structures”.
  10. Profiles: Meet the new ICMAT post-doctoral researchers.
  11. ICMAT News.
  12. Agenda.