ICMAT Newsletter – Fourteenth Number

El número 14 del ICMAT newsletter corresponde al primer trimestre de 2017.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: Every day of the year is women’s day in science.
  2. Interview: Consuelo Martínez, professor of algebra and mathematics at the University of Oviedo. “It hurts me that anyone should think you’ve achieved something for the mere fact of being a woman”.
  3. Report: “Women, Mathematics and Values”.
  4. Profile: Sonja Lea Heinze. “In every part of the world there’s a way of thinking about mathematics”.
  5. She Does Maths Amalia Pizarro (Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile).
  6. ICMAT Questionnaire: Pilar Bayer Isant, professor of algebra at the University of Barcelona. “In difficult moments it’s good to remember Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive”.
  7. Interview: Simon Donaldson, professor at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics and at Imperial College; also codirector of one of the ICMAT Laboratories. “Finding a theorem that has always been there but nobody saw is gratifying”.
  8. Scientific Review: Infinitesimal moduli for the Strominger system and Killing spinors in generalized geometry.
  9. Scientific Review: The Berry problem for the harmonic oscillator solved.
  10. ICMAT News.
  11. Agenda.