ICMAT Newsletter – First Number

This first issue includes interviews with the director of the Institute, Manuel de León, and with David Elwood, former scientific director of the Clay Institute, first private operating foundation devoted to mathematical research. In addition, two reports explore the mathematics describing the movement of the planets, heartbeats, and ocean currents; ICMAT researchers speak about the Thematic Year of Harmonic Analysis celebrated at the center, and finally, the latest news in mathematics highlights the celebration of the Mathematics of Planet Earth and the International Year of Statistics, as well as the awarding of the fifth Starting Grant to researchers belonging to the Institute.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial.
  2. Interview with Manuel de León, ICMAT director: “Mathematical research should be regarded as a tool for technological and economic progress”.
  3. Report: Deciphering the subtle order of fluids.
  4. Iterview with David Ellwood, Clay Institute former director: “The Millennium Problems are telescopes for seeing far into mathematical research”.
  5. New trends in Harmonic Analysis.
  6. Current Events in Mathematics
  7. Program.