José Ignacio Burgos Gil

José Ignacio Burgos Gil

PhD Thesis, University of Barcelona (1994).

Anillos de Chow Aritméticos

Research documents and preprints

Publications indexed by MathSciNet

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Other publications

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Burgos Gil, J. I.; Serrano-Andrés, L.; Oliva, J. M.; Klein, D. J.; On the effect of radical character, substitution and atom encapsulation on the volume of icosahedral (car)boranes. Afinidad 65, 3238 2008.
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Workshop Advanced Course on Arakelov Geometry and Shimura Varieties CRM Bellaterra (SPAIN) February 20 to February 25 2006
Conference Recent Developments in the Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties and Arakelov Geometry CRM Bellaterra (SPAIN) July 10 to July 15 2006
Conference International Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry El Escorial (SPAIN) September 4 to September 8 2006
Conference Barcelona-Kyoto-Paris seminar in Arakelov geometry Paris (FRANCE) Mars 18 to Mars 20 2009
Conference Paris-Barcelona-Kyoto seminar in Arakelov geometry Kyoto (JAPAN) September 21 to September 20 2010
Workshop Second International School on Geometry and Physics: Geometric Langlands and Gauge Theory CRM Bellaterra (SPAIN) March 17 to March 26 2010
Conference Regulators III Barcelona (SPAIN) July 12 to July 22 2010
Conference heights Tossa de Mar (SPAIN) April 26 to April 30 2011
Conference Kyoto-Paris-Barcelona seminar in Arakelov geometry Barcelona (SPAIN) September 5 to September 9 2011
Conference Periods and Motives. A new perspective in renormalization ICMAT Madrid (SPAIN) July 2 to July 6 2012
Conference Paris-Barcelona-Kyoto seminar in Arakelov geometry Kyoto (JAPAN) September 18 to September 21 2012