Quantum many body systems and quantum information

Dates: 13-17 March 2023

Contact: Angelo Lucia (anglucia@ucm.es)

Many of the applications of quantum information theory require the preparation and control of large and highly entangled quantum systems. It is therefore natural that the problem of understanding how to manipulate large collections of quantum particles for QIT applications has a large overlap with the area of mathematical physics which studies the behavior of many body quantum systems and in particular quantum spin systems. The aim of this week is to bring together experts and young researchers from both areas to share the most recent advances and collaborate towards new developments.

Confirmed lecturers:

  • Victor Albert (University of Maryland and NIST)
  • Angela Capel (Universität Tübingen)
  • Toby Cubitt (University College London)
  • David Gosset (University of Waterloo)
  • Kohtaro Kato (Nagoya University)
  • Pieter Naaijkens (Cardiff University)
  • Bruno Nachtergaele (University of California, Davis)
  • Giacomo de Palma (Università di Bologna)
  • Michael Walter (Ruhr-University Bochum)
  • Amanda Young (Technical University Munich)


  • Monday
    10:00. Registration
    10:45. Angela Capel: Rapid thermalization of spin chain commuting Hamiltonians (slides)
    12:00. Bruno Nachtergaele: Two dimerized gapped ground state phases of O(n) spin chains? (slides)
  • Tuesday
    10:15. Pieter Naaijkens: Classification of topologically ordered phases of matter in 2D (slides)
    12:00. David Gosset: On the complexity of quantum partition functions (slides)
  • Wednesday
    10:45. Toby Cubitt: Dissipative State Preparation and the Dissipative Quantum Eigensolver
    12:00. Michael Walter: The minimal canonical form of a tensor network (slides)
  • Thursday
    10:15. Giacomo De Palma: The quantum Wasserstein distance of order 1 (slides)
    12:00. Victor Albert: Physics of quantum phases of matter from a computer-science perspective (slides)
  • Friday
    10:45. Kohtaro Kato: Entanglement bootstrap and the spurious topological entanglement entropy (slides)
    12:00. Amanda Young: On Gapped Ground State Phases of Decorated AKLT Models (slides)

  • Book of abstracts