International Conference (17/06-21/06/2019):

To close the semester, and as the final activity, we will celebrate an international conference. It will contain around 8 plenary talks (of 45 minutes of duration) and approximately 24 contributed talks (each of 25 minutes). As of now, the following speakers have accepted to give a plenary talk:

  • Kate Juschenko (Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA)
  • Reinhard Werner (Leibniz U. Hannover, Hannover, Germany)
  • Ciril Houdayer (Paris Sud, Paris, France)
  • Wilhelm Winter (WWU Münster, Münster, Germany)
  • David Pérez García (U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain)
  • William Slofstra (U. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
  • Narutaka Ozawa (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan)
  • Matthew Kennedy (U. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)