Workshop on Profinite Rigidity

Download a list of problems suggested by participants of the workshop

Dates: June 26-June 30, 2023

Organizers: Martin Bridson (Oxford), Andrei Jaikin (Madrid), Alan Reid (Houston)

This workshop is part of a thematic program on geometric group theory and low-dimensional geometry and topology at ICMAT (Madrid). It is framed within ICMAT’s Agol Lab, a research cluster on the general areas of geometric group theory and low dimensional topology, chaired by Ian Agol.

We are planning to have two or three courses and several research talks. If you are interested in participating, please write to

Invited participants:


Book of Abstracts


  • Amir Behar. Profinite non-rigidity of arithmetic groups
  • Martin Bridson. Grothendieck pairs, fixed point properties, and dimension
  • Jonathan Fruchter. Virtual homology and profinite rigidity
  • Alejandra Garrido. Free factors and profinite completions
  • Holger Kammeyer Profinitely solitary Chevalley groups
  • Monika Kudlinska. On profinite properties of free-by-cyclic groups
  • Yi Liu. Almost profinite rigidity of finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Alex Lubotzky. First-order rigidity of high-rank arithmetic groups
  • Chen Meiri. Conjugacy and word width in higher rank arithmetic groups
  • Ismael Morales. Profinite and pro-p genus of free and surface groups
  • Pawel Piwek. Profinite rigidity of group extensions.
  • Dan Segal. Axiomatizable profinite groups.
  • Ryan Spitler. Profinite rigidity and arithmetic groups
  • Matthew Stover. Central extensions of real and complex hyperbolic lattices
  • Pavel Zalesski. Profinite genus of free products with amalgamation and accessible groups