Workshop on Orderings and Groups

Dates: June 12-June 16, 2023

Place: Aula Naranja ICMAT. How to arrive.

Organizers: Yago Antolín (ICMAT-UCM), Javier Aramayona (ICMAT-CSIC), Andrei Jaikin (ICMAT-UAM)

Scientific committee: Yago Antolín (ICMAT-UCM), Kathryn Mann (Cornell), Cristobal Rivas (Universidad de Chile)

This workshop is part of a thematic program on geometric group theory and low-dimensional geometry and topology at ICMAT (Madrid). It is framed within ICMAT’s Agol Lab, a research cluster on the general areas of geometric group theory and low dimensional topology, chaired by Ian Agol.


  • Adam Clay (Manitoba) - Borel complexity and spaces of orderings
  • Lei Chen (University of Maryland) - There are no exotic actions of diffeomorphism groups on 1-manifolds
  • Harry Baik (KAIST) - Groups acting on the circle with a veering pair of laminations
  • Arman Darbiyan (Ohio State) - Computable groups and computable group orderings
  • Helene Eynard-Bontems (Université Grenoble) - Deformations of Z2-actions in dimension 1
  • Francesco Fournier-Facio (ETH) - Finitely presented left orderable monsters
  • Yash Lodha (University of Hawaii) - TBA
  • Nicolás Matte-Bonn (Lyon) - A realisation result for moduli spaces of group actions on the line
  • Shuhei Maruyama (Chuo University) - Non-extendable invariant quasimorphisms for groups acting on the circle
  • Andrés Navas (Santiago de Chile) - TBA
  • Shane O' Rourke (Munster Technological University) - Groups of unitriangular matrices of non-discrete rank
  • Cristóbal Rivas (Universidad de Chile) - Introduction to orderable groups
  • Markus Steenbock (Viena) - Embeddings into simple left-orderable groups
  • Zoran Sunic (Hosfra) - Ordering free groups
  • Michelle Triestino (Dijon) - Actions of solvable groups on the line
  • Wenhao Wang (Steklov) - Bi-orders on the free metabelian groups

Book of Abstracts