GESTA School

Symplectic Geometry with Algebraic Techniques with applications to Mathematical Physics. December 2019

GESTA is the acronym for "Geometry Simpléctica con Técnicas Algebraicas" and corresponds to the name of the Spanish group of mathematicians interested in geometry symplectic, algebraic geometry and mathematical physics. The group was part of the European Research Network CAST, Contact and Symplectic Topology (, and organizes the workshop every year and several itinerant activities between Barcelona, Madrid, Toulouse and Lyon.

With this edition we intend to integrate various aspects of the study of Geometry and Symplectic Topology in problems of mathematics and physics with a special interest in the study of periodic orbits in celestial mechanics problems (which is one of the axes priority of the program). In addition, as already happened in GESTA 2014, we opened the theme of the school to include Poisson Geometry among the subjects of study counting with world experts in this area.

Dates: 10-13 December

Organizing committee:

  • Eva Miranda
  • Daniel Peralta
  • Francisco Presas

GESTA School

  • Minicourse 1 - Urs Frauenfelder (Augsburg, Germany) - "The restricted three-body problem and holomorphic curves". View Abstract
  • Minicourse 2 – Ana Rechtman (Université de Strasbourg) - "Asymptotic invariants and sections of 3D flows". View Abstract
  • Minicourse 3 - Nicolai Reshetikhin (Berkeley, USA) - "Integrable and superintegrable systems on moduli spaces of flat connections". View Abstract - Exercices - Lecture 3 - Lecture 4
  • 2-hour crash course on J-holomorphic curves (in preparation for Urs Frauenfelders' course). By Cédric Oms (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). View Abstract - Exercices - Solutions to Exercices
  • 1-hour course on Hamiltonian group actions and Moment maps by Anastasia Matveeva (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) (in preparation for Nicolai Reshetikhin's course). View Abstract


  • Aula Naranja, ICMAT.
    C/ Nicolás Cabrera, nº 13-15 Campus de Cantoblanco, UAM


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  • In case you are interested in this option please write to one of the organizers to obtain a special code for reduced fares to be introduced while doing the on-line reservation.