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Predoctoral contracts (Formación de Personal Investigador – Research Personnel Training)

Funded by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness, this Programme, offers contracts covering 48-month period for the training of university graduates who wish to do a PhD at R+D Centers in subjects associated with specific R+D projects financed through the Ministry of the Economy of Competitiveness R+D+i State Plan, or in R+D projects conducted at Severo Ochoa Units or Centers of Excellence. Furthermore, FPI calls are also issued for the funding of master and doctoral course tuition fees or for stays at other R+D Centers.


FPI Predoctoral positions at ICMAT.

Application: 03/10/2017-18/10/2017

Applications are invited for the following predoctoral position at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT, Madrid, Spain)

Predoctoral position associated to Severo Ochoa Excellence Programme, Principal researcher: Diego Córdoba.

  1. Reference: SEV-2015-0554-17-1 "Harmonic analysis and its applications”, associated with the laboratory of Kari Astala
  2. Reference: SEV-2015-0554-17-2 “Differential and Algebraic Geometry”, associated with the laboratory of Donaldson-Hitchin
  3. Reference: SEV-2015-0554-17-3 “Quantum Information”, associated with the laboratory of Ignacio Cirac
  4. Reference: SEV-2015-0554-17-4 “Equations in partial derivatives and their applications”, associated with the laboratory of Charles Fefferman


Predoctoral position associated to Excelence Projects:

  1. Reference: MTM2016-76072-P. Title: GEOMETRIC AND NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS TO MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS; Principal researchers: David Martín de Diego y Daniel Peralta
  2. Reference: MTM2016-79400-P. Title: SYMMETRIES IN ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRAIC AND SYMPLECTIC GEOMETRY; Principal researchers: José Ignacio Burgos Gil y Francisco Presas Mata
  3. Reference: MTM2016-81048-P. Title: GEOMETRY OF COUPLED EQUATIONS AND MODULI SPACES; Principal researcher: Oscar García-Prada


Our Institute is recognized as a "Severo-Ochoa" Centre of Excellence and is located in the Universidad Autónoma Campus (UAM).

The position is funded by the MEIC (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad) and covers a 4-year period.

The programme is open to students of any nationality, should you be interested in this call and require technical/administrative assistance, please send your questions to with the subject Predoctoral Contracts, or call +34 91 2999705 for help.



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