Workshop Geometry and Dynamics of Foliations  

ICMAT, Madrid   

September 1-5, 2014   

Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas
C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15
  28049 Madrid, Spain
  Telephone: +34 91 2999704




The program is available here.

The abstracts booklet is available here.

  • Fernando Alcalde: Dynamics of the horocyclic flow for homogeneous and non-homogeneous foliations by hyperbolic surfaces.
  • Christian Bonatti: C^1 actions in dimension 1: centralizers and rigidity.
  • Jonathan Bowden: Contact perturbations of Reebless foliations are universally tight.
  • Lawrence Conlon: Smoothability of finite depth foliations.
  • Helene Eynard-Bontemps: Centralizers of smooth interval diffeomorphisms.
  • Sergio Fenley: Knot theory of R-covered Anosov flows: homotopy versus isotopy of closed orbits.
  • Rui Loja Fernandes: Linearization and geometry around leaves.
  • Victor Kleptsyn: On some questions concerning codimension one foliations.
  • David Martínez Torres: Compact foliations in Poisson geometry
  • Shigenori Matsumoto: The space of contact Anosov flows on 3-manifolds.
  • Gaël Meigniez: Haefliger structures and giggling as tools in the h-principles.
  • Yoshihiko Mitsumatsu: Incompressible fluids on foliated manifolds.
  • Francisco Presas: Foliated symplectic topology.

Room: Aula Azul.

 Organizing Committee:
Jesús A. Álvarez López
(USC, Santiago de Compostela)
Eva Miranda
(UPC, Barcelona)
Daniel Peralta-Salas
(ICMAT, Madrid)
José Ignacio Royo Prieto
(UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
Marco Zambon
(ICMAT/UAM, Madrid)

 Scientific Committee:

Jesús A. Álvarez López
(USC, Spain)
Gilbert Hector
(Univ. Lyon, France)
Steven Hurder
(Univ. Illinois at Chicago, USA)
Remi Langevin
(Univ. Bourgogne, France)
Daniel Peralta-Salas
(ICMAT, Spain)
Takashi Tsuboi
(Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
Alberto Verjovsky
(UNAM, Mexico)
Pawel Walzcak
(Univ. Lodz, Poland)

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