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Severo Ochoa


  Marca de Excelencia


Severo Ochoa Excellence Programme

In 2011 the Government of Spain launched the new Severo Ochoa Programme, aimed at identifying those Spanish world-class research institutes placed among the best in their field.

No more than ten centers per year —up to a maximum of forty by 2015—will be accredited as Severo Ochoa Excellence Centers, recognizing their outstanding research quality and talent attraction capabilities. The selected institutions will be awarded a funding package and a number of additional benefits. 

The assessment is conducted by three international panels integrated by world-class scientists and chaired by Nobel Laureates. In the 2011 selection process, a total of 80 experts have been involved, with a distribution by areas of 31 experts for Life Sicences and Medicine, 40 experts for Physical Sciences and Engineering, 9 experts for Social Sciences and Humanities, and chaired by Robert Huber, (Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie), Roger Myerson (Chicago University) and Samuel Ting (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), covering all fields of science and engineering. Thus, 8 centres have been awarded as <<Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence>> representing world leading institution with a leading edge Research Program and an internationally competitive Human Resource Program (2012-2015), and the only one whose research field is focused on Mathematics.

The ICMAT's leit motiv is to promote and devolope high quality mathematical investigation according to some specific Research Lines.

In order to do so, we will carry on an ambitious action plan whose main lines are set up, in this way: