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ICMAT Scientific Commission

Support from the Heads of the research teams recognized by the Institute and the CSIC will enable a more fluid contact in scientific subjects with all the researchers, as well as providing a swifter response for the different actions regularly undertaken by the ICMAT.


  • Act as a Working Group in the preparation of the Four-year Strategic Plans.
  • Act as a Working Group for designing the scentific projects submitted to the Severo Ochoa scheme.
  • Advise the Director and the Board on the proposals for the Senior Scientist and Distinguished Researcher posts.
  • Write scentific reports in collaboration with the Director and the Board on subjects they may regard as appropriate.
  • • Coordination for a swifter response in the ConCiencia Program.


  • Javier Parcet Hernández
  • Diego Córdoba Gazolaz
  • Antonio Gómez Corral
  • Óscar García Prada
  • Francisco Presas Mata
  • David Pérez García
  • Ana María Mancho Sánchez
  • Andrei Jaikin Zapirain
  • José Ignacio Burgos Gil



Recruitment Committee


To assist the Director and the Board in the identification processes of the managerial and administrative contract requirements and the setting in motion of the approved contracts.

Advise in the drawing up of the Institute Budget.


  • Alberto Ibort Latre
  • Antonio Gómez Corral



Training Suport Committee


  • Draw up protocols for applications for pre- and post-doctoral posts (current regulations, eligibility, contact with Human Resources, etc.).
  • Establish protocol for reception of pre- and post-doctoral researchers (Welcome).
  • Carry out personalized monitoring of research project development in collaboration with supervisors.
    • Regular meetings
    • Analysis of annual reports
    • Predoc representation
    • Any other type of attention required
  • Hold collective meetings for highlighting and sharing best practice in training work, experiences, etc.
  • Promote training and scientific collaboration activities among doctoral researchers.
  • Lay the foundations for scientific quality in each research line and/or group.



  • Manuel de León
  • Ángela Capel
  • Leonardo Colombo
  • Esther Fuentes Ortega



ICMAT mathematics and Gender Comission

The number of women researchers in the field of mathematics is still far lower than that of men, and as the different stages in a scientific career unfold this gap becomes increasingly wider. The ICMAT is committed to the equality of opportunity for all and is convinced that mathematical talent can be found everywhere regardless of gender. This current situation therefore signifies a loss of gifted minds for science that can and must be rectified. It is for this reason that the ICMAT is launching a gender action plan with the following objectives:

•   To encourage the participation of women in the ICMAT research and outreach programmes.

•   To stimulate the access of women to decision-making positions in the ICMAT.

•   To provide a work environment in which women feel welcome and valued.

•   To enhance the visibility of women mathematicians and to provide role models of top-rank female researchers in mathematics for the public at large and particularly the student population.

•   To assist in the promotion of mathematical vocation among young girls.

•   To participate in national and international gender equality schemes.

•   • Promote African women’s leadership in scientific research and technology transfer and to foster the capacity of the research centres in their home countries. Science by women (Mujeres por África Program).

To that end, the ICMAT Mathematics and Gender Commission is therefore constituted:


-   Chair: Ana Bravo (UAM)

-   Angélica Benito (UAM)

-   Eva Gallardo (UCM)

-   Eduardo Colorado (UC3M)

-   Ernesto Girondo (UAM)

-   Ágata A. Timón (CSIC)

-   Edith Padrón (ULL)

This commission (in collaboration with other ICMAT members and those from other institutions) will be responsible for the design, execution and assessment of the measures undertaken by the ICMAT strategic gender plan, which forms part of the Severo Ochoa Programme conferred by the MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

Details of the actions belonging to this plan and schedules for their execution are available on this web site.

These actions have the following three-fold structure:

-   Outreach activities. Activities designed to stimulate the vocation of women mathematicians and the education for equality. Competitions, talks, round-table discussions, workshops, etc...

-   Communication activities. In addition to focusing on gender equality in all ICMAT communications aimed at the public, content will also be devoted to showing examples of the work of women mathematicians, both in the newsletter and other communication channels of the centre as well as on the web site.

-   Institutional activities. The presence of women on ICMAT committees, announcements in the calls issued by the centre, the presence and or collaboration of the ICMAT in the gender equality commissions of other centres.



Outreach Commission (Unit of Mathematical Culture)

Since its foundation the ICMAT has had a Unit of Mathematical Culture composed of researchers, and scientific communicators and journalists working together to establish channels of communication between science and society. The Unit of Mathematical Culture collaborates in a range of activities with the CSIC Associate Vice-Presidency of Science and Culture, the UAM Unit of Scientific Culture, the Beatriz Galindo and Ramiro de Maeztu Secondary Schools, the Royal Academy of Sciences and the FECyT.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Unit of Culture is an accredited member of the Red de Unidades de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación (Red UCC+I – Units of Scientific Culture and Innovation Network), which is coordinated by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - FECYT. ICMAT Scientific Commission.

Scientific Directors

  • David Martín de Diego
  • Marco Castrillón



  • Ágata A. Timón García-Longoria
  • Laura Moreno Iraola