Funding for Master Students

The goal of this funding is to facilitate the assistance of master students to BYMAT conference and to give them the opportunity to deliver a short talk. There are two open calls:

  • Funding for 10 students enrolled in a master’s degree in the region of Madrid that will cover the registration fee. Hence, the students will be able to participate in the conference for free.
  • Funding for 20 students enrolled in a master’s degree in other Spanish cities that will cover the registration fee as well as the travel to Madrid and accommodation: four nights of bed and breakfast in a nearby hotel.

In addition, lunch and two coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) are included in the registration to the conference. All selected students will be required to give a short talk in the conference (5 to 7 minutes plus questions). The talk need not include new results; it may be based on the student's Bachelor thesis, for instance. For further information concerning the requirements, check:

To apply for this funding, you will need to fill in this form. In the process you will be asked to upload the following information:

  • Academic records of the bachelor’s degree, including the average grade in the degree and the grade in the bachelor’s thesis. Both grades must be in a 0-10 scale.
  • Some official document proving your enrollment in an official master’s degree.
  • Curriculum vitae in PDF format (maximum length: 2 pages)
  • Title and summary of your talk. Please, download this .zip file with a templateand follow the instructions in the readme file. You will be asked to upload the result when filling in the form.

Application is now closed. Thank you for your submissions.