Welcome to the “5th BYMAT Conference: Bringing Young Mathematicians Together". This conference aims to:

  • Strengthen the links between students in mathematics across all disciplines.
  • Provide an open space so researchers in the early stages of their career and students in the last years of their degree or master can present their work to peers of similar experience.
  • Enhance the communication skills of young mathematicians.
  • Encourage researchers of different institutions to start building a network of contacts soon into their careers.

Some specific goals are:

  • The conference is especially directed at PhD students, master’s students and advanced undergraduates, though anyone else who is interested is more than welcome to attend.
  • Contributed talks may come not only from PhD students, but also from master’s students and advanced undergraduates.

We will have short talks distributed in parallel sessions, as well as 4 plenary talks given by young professors. Check Speakers for more information. There will also be two workshops on topics that young mathematicians may find interesting. The official language of the conference will be English. Registration will open in September.

For questions and requests, please contact us at bymat@icmat.es

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