School and International Conference on Geometry and Quantization  

GEOQUANT 2015   

ICMAT, Campus de Cantoblanco, Madrid   

September 7 - 18, 2015   

Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas
C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15
  Campus Cantoblanco - UAM
  28049 Madrid, Spain
  Telephone: +34 91 2999700


Map of UAM.


Accommodation for young participants (school and conference)

For participants with fellowships from the ICMAT rooms are already reserved in the Residencia Ciudad Escolar. All other participants coming with their own resources have to make their own reservations.

Residencia de Estudiantes Ciudad Escolar

Carretera de Colmenar Viejo km 12,800. 28049 Madrid (Spain)
Single room & Full Board 38,5€ per day and 165€ per week.



For invited main speakers and participants the ICMAT will make a reservation. All other participants are requested to make their own reservations.

Residencia de Estudiantes del CSIC

Calle Pinar, 21-23 28006 Madrid. (Spain)
Single room & Breakfast 73,15 €


Residencia Erasmo

Erasmo de Rotterdam nº 7 (Campus de Cantoblanco) Madrid 28049 (Spain)
Single room & Breakfast
The residence is within walking distance of ICMAT. How to arrive from Madrid (downtown)


NH Zurbano
Zurbano, 79-81. 28003 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: [+34] 91 441 45 00

Hotel Hesperia Emperatriz
López de Hoyos, 4. 28006 Madrid (Spain
Tel. +34 91 5638088
Reservations: +34 91 398 46 61


Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner - September 17, 20:30h - Restaurante Jai Alai



 Organising Committee:

  Martin Schlichenmaier
(University of Luxembourg)
  Dorothea Bahns
(Goettingen, Germany)
  Pierre Bieliavsky
(Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)
  Oscar Garcia-Prada
(ICMAT, Madrid, Spain)
  Ryoichi Kobayashi
(Nagoya University, Japan)
  Manuel de Leon
(ICMAT, Madrid, Spain)
  Peter Schupp
(JUB, Bremen, Germany)
  Armen Sergeev
(Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
  Oleg Sheinman
(Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
  Weiping Zhang
(Chern Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, P.R.China)
  Eduardo Frechilla

(ICMAT, Madrid, Spain)




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