GESTA 2014 Summer School


June 2-6, 2014

Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas
C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15
  Campus Cantoblanco - UAM
  28049 Madrid, Spain
  Telephone: +34 91 2999700





Gesta is an acronym for Geometría Simpléctica con Técnicas Algebraicas (Symplectic Geometry with Algebraic Techniques). It is the name of a Spanish group of mathematicians interested in Symplectic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics. The group organizes a Workshop every year.


The 2014 Workshop

The workshop will be held this year in Madrid, and the attendance is open (no registration fee). It will have the format of a small Summer School. All courses will be taught in English. Limited funding for graduate students will be available.


Speakers & Place

ICMAT - Aula Gris 1.

  • Miguel Abreu (IST-Lisbon)
  • Eva Miranda (UPC) & Geoffrey Scott (U. Toronto)
  • Ana Rechtman (U. Strasbourg)


Some previous GESTA workshops.


Viktor Ginzburg laboratory.

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