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It is necessary to register for all the activities you wish to attend through the Registration menu. Once you have sent the registration request you will receive a confirmation email. In case the activity you want to attend has a registration fee, you will also receive via email the link to proceed with the payment (by bank transfer or by credit card). Payment can be made at any time up to the corresponding registration deadline.

The Workshop "Entangle This IV: Chaos, Order and Qubits" has a registration fee of 100€ (includes coffee breaks and conference dinner).

The Conference "Quantum Simulation and Computation (QSC2019)" has a registration fee of 150€ (includes coffee breaks and conference dinner).

Focus Weeks do not have registration fee, but do not forget to register.


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Activities you want to attend: Focus Week 1: Tensor Networks (No fee)
Focus Week 2: Foundations of Quantum Information (No fee)
Focus Week 3: Quantum Cryptography (No fee)
Focus Week 4: Quantum Computing (No fee)
Conference `Quantum Simulation and Computation (QSC2019)` (fee: 150€)
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