Entangle This IV: Chaos, Order and Qubits

The fouth edition of the "Entangle This" series will take place at IFT & ICMAT from September 9 to September 14, 2019. We aim at putting together a distinguished group of international experts working at the interface between quantum information theory, condensed matter physics, quantum field theory and gravity, to exchange ideas and results in an informal atmosphere.

This Workshop has a registration fee of 100€ (Includes coffee breaks and conference dinner).


Vijay Balasubramanian
Maricarmen Bañuls
Pasquale Calabrese
Jerome Dubail
Jens Eisert
Glen Evenbly
Hrant Gharibyan
Cécilia Lancien
Andreas Ludwig
Marcos Rigol
Kyriakos Papadodimas
Ritam Sinha
Christoph Sünderhauf
Luca Tagliacozzo
Tadashi Takayanagi
Erik Tonni

Video & Slides

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