The registration fee is: 100 €

The registration deadline is: April 30th, 2022



All the scientific programme will be held at Residencia San José, a private Residence Hall in El Escorial, Madrid. Due to sanitary restrictions, the Residence Hall can accomodate a maximum of 120 persons. Available rooms will be assigned in order of payment.


Accomodation prices per person (including meals) at the Residencia San José are:

  • Single room with all meals included: 420 euros per person
  • Lunch (5 days): 75 euros per person

Payment for accomodation will be included as registration payment. In the registration page, please choose carefully the registration option that fits your requests: 100 € registration with attendance only; 520 € registration with single room; 175€ registration with lunch every day. No shared rooms are available in this occasion.


Room reservations and payments should be made at the time of registration. Room reservations at the Residence cannot be made on a daily basis.

The arrival of the participants is expected to be on Sunday, June 5 in the afternoon. The Conference will begin on Monday, June 6, at 9:00 am and will end on Friday, June 10 after the morning session.

Only a limited number of rooms are available.

If you wish to book a room, indicate so in the Registration Form. Rooms at the Residence can only be booked for the whole Conference (five nights), with checkin on Sunday June 5 and checkout on Friday June 10.

If you want to book a room at the Residencia San José, we urge you to do it promptly since only a small number are available.

Residencia San José provides sufficiently large lecture rooms, as well as room and full board for all those participants who to stay there, along with some basic services.

All rooms have a private bathroom and shower. Besides the dining room where all meals will be served, there is a small cafeteria and vending machines for soft drinks and beer. Although some of the services available are modest or limited, we (the organisers) found the place comfortable and pleasant.

However, participants are reminded that Residencia San José is neither a research institute nor a hotel and therefore does not offer some of the typical services one may expect. For example, there is no library and the possibilities for computer connections may be limited. There will be no TV or phones in the rooms and no wake-up calls either.

For local participants who will be commuting or for those who will be staying elsewhere at El Escorial. Lunch will be available at Residencia San José. The price for lunch for the five days of the conference is 75€, to be paid in advanced. Payment option: 175€ registration with lunch every day.

For hotels at the towns of El Escorial and San Lorenzo de El Escorial, both within walking distance of the Conference venue (Residencia San José, Avenida Reyes Católicos 12, El Escorial, Madrid) check the usual booking platforms.


There will be a small number of grants, mainly intended for graduate students, to cover the registration fee and/or accommodation. If you want to apply for one of these grants, please indicate so in the registration form including the name of a senior mathematician willing to write a reference letter on your behalf. The deadline to apply is March 25, 2022 and grants will be decided before April 15, 2022. Fee Grant applicants do not have to pay the Registration Fee until the Grants have been decided.


Some sessions of short talks will be scheduled to accommodate those participants wishing to present their own recent results. If you want to give a short talk, please indicate so in the registration form including the title of your talk, as well as a short abstract written in LaTex, for which you should use the following Template. Be sure to submit the *LaTex file* of the abstract and not the PDF file. The deadline to apply and submit the abstract is March 25, 2022, and the final list of short talks will be decided during the month of April.

All the applicants will receive an e-mail from the Organizing Committee communicating the final decision.