Conference: Hitchin 70  

ICMAT (Madrid, Spain)   

12–16 September 2016   



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A celebration of Nigel Hitchin's 70th birthday in honour of his contributions to mathematics



This event, in celebration of Nigel Hitchin's 70th birthday and in honour of his contributions to mathematics, is part of larger activity that will take place across three locations during the period 5-16 September 2016. It will begin in Aarhus, continue in Oxford and end in Madrid. The three events are:

As this activity takes place in three different locations, there are separate websites for each, at which you can register and read more about each event. You may register for one, two, or all three events, but please do so via the individual webpages.

This webpage is for the Madrid part of the triple activity. This event will take place at the ICMAT (Madrid, Spain). Talks will start around 14:30 on Monday 12th of September and will end by 13:30 on Friday 16th of September. Click here for information on how to get to the ICMAT.

Event main site

 Organizing committee:

Luis Álvarez-Cónsul
Steven Bradlow
(U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Oscar García-Prada
Yat Sun Poon
(U California at Riverside)

This event is organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute







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