Presentation of the period

We aim at attracting in Madrid a number of distinguished mathematicians at all stages of their career, which are currently working in PDEs, geometry and probability.

We shall provide a friendly environment that fosters exchange of ideas on the latest developments in these research fields, with the aim of creating new connections, perspective and scientific collaborations among neighboring communities, belonging to the large variety of research fields and topics that we address.

In the last decades, we have witnessed how long-standing problems and conjectures can be solved by means of techniques coming from outside the field, a famous example being Perelman’s solution to the celebrated Poincaré conjecture, a great example of interplay between PDEs and geometry. We shall devote a particular effort to create a heterogeneous and inclusive environment, the scientific excellence being the only guiding principle.

Some funding is available. To apply, please use the registration form.

Keywords: Nonlinear Diffusion, Local and Nonlocal Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs, Mathematical Biology, Geometric Analysis, Probability, Free boundaries, Regularity Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Numerics, Geometric Flows, Game Theory, Functional inequalities, Conformal Geometry...

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  • Severo Ochoa Programme for Centres of Excellence in R&D: Severo Ochoa ICMAT (CEX2019-000904-S).
  • National Research Project (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation): EDPs No-Lineales: Difusión, Geometría y Aplicaciones (PID2020-113596GB-I00), Difusión no lineal: problemas locales y no locales (PID2020-116949GB-I00), Ecuaciones con perturbaciones de potencias del Laplaciano (PID2019-110712GB-I00 ).
  • Ayuda de Excelencia al Profesorado Universitario. PRICIT. Departamento de Matemáticas. UAM.
  • Ayuda de Excelencia al Profesorado Universitario. PRICIT. Ana Primo Ramos (1001150189).
  • GHAIA Project: E.U. H2020 MSCA programme, grant agreement 777822.
  • Ayudas de la UAM para investigación y congresos.