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Victor Arnaiz




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Biographical Review

I was born in Burgos (Spain) in 1991. I moved to Madrid in 2009 to begin my studies in Mathematical Sciences at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. During the summer of 2012, I enjoyed a JAE-Intro scholarship at the ICMAT, where I worked with Keith Rogers, learning about Harmonic Analysis and Fractal Measure Theory. In 2013, I got my degree and moved to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid to take the Master in Mathematics and Applications. I did my Master Thesis with Ana Vargas about local and global analysis for rough solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation, so I'm familiar with tools as Fourier transform, Calderon-Zygmund theory and Littlewood Paley theory.

I have become a member of ICMAT in October, 2014, supported by a four year fellowship from "la Caixa-Severo Ochoa international Ph.D. program". Now I'm working in my Ph.D under the supervision of Fabricio Macià and Keith Rogers. My research line is related to the study of semiclassical measures for the Schrödinger equation on manifolds.