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ICMAT Postdoc Donaldson-Hitchin Lab 2017

The Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT-Institute of Mathematical Sciences) offers one postdoctoral appointment for a researcher in Mathematics with an excellent curriculum who wishes to pursue research in the context of the Donaldson-Hitchin Laboratory at ICMAT, coordinated by Oscar Garcia-Prada. The areas of research include Higgs bundles, gauge theory, special holonomy and generalised geometry. The salary will be 27.000€ per year. The duration of the contract will be 2 years with starting date from 1 September 2017. Preselected applicants could be interviewed individually in due course.

For further information, visit our website:

Deadline 17 March 2017


How to submit your application

The application should be done using the on-line form before 17 March. For the submission the following documents in PDF are requested (note the limitations in the number of pages):

  • Motivation letter (1page)
  • Short curriculum vitae (1 page including the 5 most relevant papers and invited talks as well as the prizes or other major achievements, etc.)
  • Full curriculum vitae
  • Research statement (5 pages max.)


Additionally, two (and only two) letters are necessary to complete the application. The applicant should contact the referees and ask them to submit their letters to the email address donaldson-hitchin-lab() before 17 March; the ICMAT will not contact them.