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Nigel Hitchin
Nigel Hitchin


Professor Hitchin is one of the most influential fi gures in the field of differential and algebraic geometry and its relations with the equations of mathematical physics. He has made fundamental contributions, opening entirely new areas of research in fi elds as varied as spin geometry, instanton and monopole equations, twistor theory, symplectic and Poisson geometry of moduli spaces, integrable systems, Higgs bundles,  generalised Teichmüller theory, Einstein metrics, hyperkähler geometry, Frobenius manifolds, Painlevé equations, Special Lagrangian geometry and mirror symmetry, theory of gerbes, generalised geometry, geometric Langlands duality, etc.


Professor Hitchin is the Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford University and was previously the Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at  Cambridge University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and has been the President of the London Mathematical Society.


Among his many distinctions, Professor Hitchin was the recipient of the senior Berwick Prize (1990), the Sylvester Medal (2000), and the Pólya Prize (2002). A conference was held in his honour on the occasion of his 60th birthday at CSIC (Madrid) in conjunction with the 2006 International Congress of Mathematicians.