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Roi Naveiro Flores

Institution: CSIC

Position: FPU

Phone: +34 912999 733


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Biographical Review

I was born in León, a small (but lovely) city in the north west of Spain, in 1993. At the age of 18, I moved to Salamanca where I started a degree on physics. During my undergraduate years, I had my first contact with research in the field of particle physics, enjoying a collaboration scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education.

In june 2015 I obtained my degree on physics. Inmediately after, I got a three month scholarship at Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias (IAC) to work in astrophysical research, a totally new branch of physics for me.

After that, in October 2015, I started a Master degree in theoretical physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid to try out another field of physics. During my master's, I became really interested in machine learning and data science. Thanks to prof David Gómez-Ullate I had the oportunity to do some reasearch in this area in addition to study theoretical physics. I wrote my Master's thesis on Machine Learning, specifically on Random Forest techniques applied to Fraud Detection problems.

Exploring several branches of physics have provided me with excellent tools in understanding how nature works, and how it is possible to use mathematics in order to quantify natural processes. It is simply astonishing the way in which numbers are encoded in natural phenomena, and how two apparently distinct processes, can be governed by the same laws. However, numbers are not only encoded in natural henomena, but also in economy, social relations, etc. This is what encouraged me to start studying data science and machine learning. Understanding all these topics through the data is a big deal but also an exciting task.

In June 2016, I got a FPU grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education to do a Ph. D. thesis at ICMAT, supervised by David Ríos Insua. This was a golden opportunity to start a reasearch career in data science, machine learning and similar topics.

I am currently working on my Ph. D. thesis at ICMAT as a member of the SPOR team.